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Solution-oriented approach

In order to provide the solution that best address the issues being faced by the client, we design a service offer after getting a clear, detailed sense of what the client's wishes, demands, and perceptions are.

Internet research is generally seen as fast and inexpensive; but in terms of cost performance, it may not necessarily be the best solution.
Moreover, since the complexity of the survey varies greatly with each project, there may be cases when the provision of raw data will suffice, while in other cases, the client will also need to be provided with more sophisticated analysis, or analysis of the data in conjunction with other research findings.

IID adopts a solution-oriented approach.

Our aim is to address the latent and tangible issues faced by clients with flexibility, and offer sound, actionable solutions to these issues.
To this end, IID offers a diverse range of services; but in fact, our standardized service menu is limited to a few data provision services and research resource provision services. In the large majority of cases, we first get a clear, detailed sense of what the client's wishes, demands, and perceptions are, and then design a service offer that specifically addresses the client's needs.

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