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Our Strengths

Interface in Design. As the interface between executives, planners, and the market, IID provides clients with solution-oriented research and consulting services.

IID = Interface in Design


Through research and consulting, IID acts as the interface between executives, planners, and the market, offering support for various phases and processes of clients' activities (“design” in the larger sense).


Solution-oriented approach


IID adopts a solution-oriented approach. Our aim is to address the latent and tangible issues faced by clients with flexibility, and offer sound, actionable solutions to these issues. After getting a clear, detailed sense of what the client's wishes, demands, and perceptions are, we design a service offer that specifically addresses the client's needs.


Abundant human and material resources


To provide high-quality service, it is essential to secure an abundance of human and material resources. IID boasts a distinguished staff of professionals with expertise in a variety of fields, including management, usability/HCD, design, and data analysis; moreover, IID has been dedicated to building a quality research panel and research infrastructure.


Global solutions


IID has built a global human and organizational network that allows us to be the one-stop provider of solutions to research needs in both directions—from Japan to overseas, and from overseas to Japan/Asia. Our clients can use the same research and consulting services overseas that they receive in Japan.


Marketing Research : Profile

IID was established in 1990 as a marketing research-based design management consulting company.

In the beginning, due to its status as a strategic subsidiary of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., IID's business activities were primarily related to automobile design management; however, the launch of an internet research business and a merger with Fina Research, Inc. that strengthened its large-scale quantitative research business, followed by the launch of a usability business, resulted in a large expansion of IID's business activities. In 2001, through an MBO, IID became completely independent of Nissan Motor, and while our expertise in the automobile-related and design-related fields remains one of our major strengths, IID has gone on to build a strong record of achievements as a general research and consulting firm covering a wide range of industries including electrical appliances, information equipment, IT service, entertainment, and general consumer goods.

IID has also been dedicated to expanding its business overseas, and with a network of outlets that includes a capital partnership in China and a US company, Interface in Design, Inc./InterfaceASIA, that is a complete subsidiary of IID, Inc., we are a one-stop provider of solutions to research needs in both directions—from Japan to overseas, and from overseas to Japan/Asia.

In 2005, through a capital and business tie-up, IID joined the IRI (Internet Research Institute, Inc.) Group. Through the merging of internet infrastructure and media with research and consulting capabilities, IID continues to expand the possibilities of the solutions business.

IID's services (now)

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