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After getting a clear, detailed sense of what the client's wishes, demands, and perceptions are, IID will select from among a wide range of service options and design a service offer that specifically addresses the client's needs.

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  • Marketing Research
    In addition to proposing the best possible research and analytical methods for addressing your marketing needs, we offer support in accordance with your demands, at every stage of the project, from planning and design to fieldwork, analysis, and recommendations for future activities.


  • Design-Related Research
    By proposing the best possible approaches for each stage of design activity, we help you find the best match with the market, and support you in finding and cultivating new markets.


  • Usability/Human-Centered Design
    Through the introduction of Human-Centered Design, we offer comprehensive support to improve the usability of your product or web site, and help you create the best possible user experience.


  • Global Research/InterfaceASIA
    With our global organizational and human network, we are the one-stop provider of solutions to research needs in both directions?from Japan to overseas, and from overseas to Japan/Asia.


  • Actual Fuel Economy Analytics
    Using information extracted from user surveys and cumulative data from our “e-nenpi.com” service, we offer real-life data on auto usage status, factors affecting fuel efficiency, and users' perceptions on fuel-efficiency.


  • Auto Show Photo Library
    Using IID's own collection of photos of concept cars and new models displayed at motor shows all over the world, we offer a visual library in a standardized view format


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