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IID = Interface in Design

Through our research and consulting services, we aim to give clients engaged in the “design” process, and all the people who come into contact with the output of the client's work, the best possible user experience.

“IID” is an abbreviation of “Interface in Design.”
When we say “design,” we are not simply referring to how something looks or feels; rather, we think of “design” as something with a much broader meaning, one that encompasses the entire product/service planning and development process as well as the marketing and business strategy-building process.
IID is the interface that allows for smoother, higher-quality “design.”
Through our research and consulting services, we bring together the people and information required for the “design” process, enabling the realization of high-quality output. Moreover, our aim is to provide the best possible user experience to everyone involved in the “design” process and everyone who comes into contact with the output of that process.
With the following three interfaces as our main strengths,
IID offers clients the following kinds of “design” support.

Company/Executives ⇔ Product/Service planners
Through the provision of consulting services and effective research data to facilitate the decision-making process, we offer design support to your company's marketing and business strategy-related processes.

Product/Service planners ⇔ Consumers/Market
We offer design support to ensure that your company's product/service matches the latent and tangible needs of the consumers/market.

Consumers/Market ⇔ Company/Executives
We offer design support to ensure the smooth and effective launch of your company's product/service, and design support to ensure appropriate evaluation of market feedback.

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