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Global Research/InterfaceASIA

We are the one-stop provider of solutions to research needs in both directions?from Japan to overseas, and from overseas to Japan/Asia.

Service Outline

IID has built up a worldwide organizational and human network that allows us to be the one-stop provider of solutions to research needs in both directions from Japan to overseas, and from overseas to Japan/Asia.


  • Japan → Global Research Solutions

    By keeping control of the entire research project centralized, IID can address your online and offline research needs expediently, accurately, and appropriately.

    • Global Internet Research

      With IID's global network, you can conduct internet research with access to panels covering over 20 million people from all over the world, including not only the countries of North America and Europe but also BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India, China), Southeast Asia (Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam), and the Middle East.

      In addition to single country/region research, IID is capable of conducting multi-country research, multi-language research, and global tracking studies, and can provide overseas market research services at low cost, quickly, and in the local language.

    • Global Offline Research

      If internet research is not suitable for the area of investigation, or if the research is to be conducted in a region that does not have sufficient internet infrastructure, we propose offline research. In countries where internet research can be conducted, simultaneous online and offline research is also possible.

  • Overseas → Asia Research Solutions
    • InterfaceASIA

      InterfaceASIA is an Asian research service brand launched in 2004 for North American and European clients, with Interface in Design, Inc. as the client liaison.

      • Research and Consulting on Asia (incl. Japan)
      • Sample Supply

        This service is one in which an Asian internet research sample (survey respondents) are directed to an overseas research company's survey site.


Interface in Design, Inc. / InterfaceASIA

21221 S. Western Avenue, Suite 170, Torrance,CA 90501, USA
Tel : +1-310-212-7555(switchboard) Fax : +1-310-212-7666
URL : http://www.interfaceasia.com/
E-mail : contact@iid-usa.com



Automobiles, auto-related equipment, electrical machinery, information appliances (PCs, PC peripherals, cell phones), general consumer goods, entertainment, etc.


  • HDD/DVD user study (US)
  • IT & ITC usage status study (US)
  • Nutrient product study (US)
  • Owner driver study (US/UK)
  • Car design image study (US/UK/Germany/France/China)
  • Overseas (Japan) travelers' perceptions study (China)
  • Home air conditioner brand study (Australia)
  • Car user usage status study (Russia)
  • Car usage status study(US/UK/Germany/France/Italy/Spain)
  • Brand contribution by design study (US)
  • Digital compact camera user study (US)
  • Automobile interior design evaluation (UK/Germany/France/Italy/US)
  • Japanese firms' English web site evaluation study (US)
  • Mineral water usage status study (Germany/France)
  • LCD and plasma TV user study (UK/Germany/France)
  • Car navigation system acceptance evaluation (UAE)
  • New mobile phone service study(UK/Germany/Finland/France/Italy/Spain)
  • Mobile phone design study (China/India)
  • Car design concept study (Thailand/Indonesia)
  • Mobile phone design study (China/Taiwan/France), etc.
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