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Design-Related Research

IID offers comprehensive product design-oriented research and consulting services.

Service Outline

By proposing the best possible approaches for each stage of design activity, we help the client (client needs) find the best match with the market (consumer needs), and also provide support in finding and cultivating new markets.

IID conceives of design in the following three stages, and offers services for each stage.

  • Product design (Creating a product)
  • Brand design (Creating competitiveness)
  • Market design (Creating a market)


  • Product design
    • Product planning/Design planning

      To understand target users' needs

      • Market understanding study
      • Target study
      • Concept study
    • Design stage

      To find out if the proposed design will sell or not

      • Previous design acceptance evaluation
      • Product design acceptance evaluation

      To stimulate designers' creativity

      • Design activity support project
    • Market response

      To understand the response to the launched design

      • Post-launch acceptance evaluation

      To get an overall profile of the impressions that were conveyed by the individual components of the launched design

      • Design evaluation profile research
  • Brand design (Creating competitiveness)
    • To create a brand
    • To grow a brand
  • Market design (Creating a market)
    • To find a new market
    • To find a new target

IID's design-related research methods

  • To gain a deeper understanding/to hear out different opinions via relatively homogeneous groups
    • Group interview
  • To get an understanding of opinions in the context of individuals' lifestyles, values, and tastes
    • One-on-one interview
  • To investigate a design quantitatively/To see differences between demographic groups
    • Internet research
  • To obtain quantitative/qualitative evaluations of confidential materials
    • Central location test
    • Clinic
  • To collect professional, “bird's eye-view” opinions/To hear opinions inclusive of technical trends
    • Professional interview
  • To gain a deeper understanding by seeing how/where the product is actually used
    • Home visit interview
    • Ethnography
  • To gain an understanding of the profile of product design evaluations
    • Design evaluation profile research study
  • To collect reference materials and opinions on design/To work collaboratively on design
    • Design creation support

Some techniques employed for our research methods

  • Evaluation Grid Method
  • Shadowing
  • Photo sorting
  • Creator workshop
  • Positioning map

These are just a few of the many techniques that we employ in accordance with your needs.

Other design-related solutions

  • Facilitating of communication between the client's department (designer/design department) and the planning/product planning department

    While design can be abstract, intuitive, and difficult to understand, we offer support with concrete design research findings that can be shared throughout your company.

  • Cross-industrial exchange

    We support collaborative exchanges with designers from different industries.



Automobiles, auto-related equipment, electrical machinery, information appliances (PCs, PC peripherals, cell phones), public transportation, etc


  • Target design preferences study
  • Target user trends study
  • Design milestone study
  • Design creation support study
  • Design evaluation profile study
  • User understanding study
  • User identification study
  • Cross-industrial exchange
  • Next-generation new product needs study
  • New region design preferences study
  • New market identification study
  • New market understanding study
  • Product design acceptance evaluation
  • Previous design development support
  • Previous design evaluation
  • Comparative design study
  • Post-launch design acceptance evaluation, etc.
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