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Actual Fuel Economy Analytics(e-nenpi)

Using real-life automobile usage data, we provide real-life knowledge about fuel-efficiency and eco-driving.

Service Outline

Through analysis of the fuel-efficiency data accumulated by our “e-nenpi.com,” car data management service for mobile handsets, and analysis of “e-nenpi.com” user surveys, IID can provide information about automobile usage status, factors affecting fuel-efficiency, and users' fuel-efficiency perceptions.

What is “e-nenpi.com”?

“e-nenpi.com” is a free mobile phone service operated by IID Inc. By registering their car information by mobile phone and inputting the distance they drive and amount of gas they use, users can compare data on fuel-efficiency and carbon-dioxide emissions with 400,000 users nationwide, and can oversee the timing for changing oil and other car supplies. Since the service was launched in October 2000, real-life driving data inputted autonomously by users for their own benefit has been accumulating at the rate of 700-800,000 cases per year. When users first register, they are asked not only about their car model but also about their car's engine displacement, drive, type of transmission, whether or not they have a supercharger, and other car features that allow for more accurate analysis. This cumulative data, along with the analysis of “e-nenpi” user survey findings, allows IID to provide knowledge that is more true-to-life than test-drive data or user surveys alone.


  • Understanding of automobile usage status and understanding of specific driving habits related to fuel efficiency
  • Understanding of value (priority) placed on fuel efficiency, understanding of perceptions on fuel efficiency
  • Understanding of automobile users' satisfaction with fuel efficiency and the extent of their expectations about fuel efficiency
  • Understanding of effect of region and user demographics on fuel efficiency
  • Understanding the degree to which “eco-driving” is being carried out, and what driving habits are actually effective etc.


* Excerpt from “Analysis of relationship between e-nenpi survey and actual fuel efficiency” (June 2008). *Some of the data has been modified.

Trend in degree of importance placed on fuel efficlency at time of purchase

Analysis of the degree of importance placed on “exterior design” and “fuel efficiency” by year of purchase shows that, while the importance of “exterior design” has changed little since 2000, “fuel efficiency” has been gaining in importance since 2000, reaching the 50% level in 2008. This is no doubt due in large part to the recent surge in gas prices brought on by the high price of crude oil.

Relationship between eco-driving items and fuel efficlency

By looking at the relationship between fuel efficiency and the degree to which each eco-driving item is being carried out, you can see what kind of eco-driving is effective for improving fuel efficiency.

Trend in fuel efficlency characteristics by maker(for non-hybird gasoline vehicles)

You can see the trends in actual average fuel efficiency by manufacturer.

Client enterprise

Automobiles, auto-related equipment, auto-related organization, public office, public research organization, etc.

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