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Research Panels and Facilities

IID has an extensive online and offline research infrastructure, with a full range of Japanese and overseas internet panels and in-house research facilities.

Research Panels

Japan Panel


Introduction to IID's Japanese panels :
In addition to the 160,000 “Anpara® Panel” members registered with IID's internet survey site, “Anpara®,” we have a network of tie-ups and cooperating panels that gives us access to a total of approximately 6,000,000 people; and these panels can be employed for internet research and a diverse range of other marketing research needs.


Global Access Panel

Introduction to IID's overseas panels :
With IID's global network, you can conduct internet-based marketing research with access to cooperating panels covering over 20 million people from all over the world, including not only the countries of North America and Europe but also BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India, China), Southeast Asia (Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam), and the Middle East.
Since you can use the same research system that is employed in Japan, consistency of research quality can be maintained for multi-country research.


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Research Panels and Facilities
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