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News & Press Release

1 Oct 2012

- IID, Launch a New Movie Information Media Operation -
Acquired cinemacafe.net (Cinema Cafe) Division from cafegroove inc.
We would like to announce that IID, Inc. (President & CEO: Hiroshi Miyakawa - HQ: Tokyo) completed the acquisition of a movie website media business cinemacafe.net (Cinema Cafe) (URL: http://www.cinemacafe.net/) which was operated by cafegroove, inc. (President & CEO: Hisato Hamada - HQ: Tokyo) effective October 1, 2012, and IID took over the operation on the same day. The five editorial staff of “Cinema Café” will be transferred to IID.

19 July 2011

IID Launches Multilingual Site "Responsejp.com" for Japanese Automotive News
Today, IID Corp. announced the launch of Responsejp.com, the company's newest online media. Responsejp is now available in 13 languages.

10 June 2010

Overseas Mobile Phone Use Heavy Despite Charges
- Results of an IID survey on mobile phone use in 6 Asian countries
The findings of an IID Incorporated (HQ: Tokyo - President & CEO: Hiroshi Miyakawa) survey of usage and opinions on mobile phones in six Asian countries show distinct differences in the countries’ handset replacement cycles, percentage of monthly income spent on mobile phone bills, and the frequency of calls and e-mails.

1 June 2010

Merger Announcement
At this time, we are pleased to announce that IRI Commerce & Technology Inc. (abbreviated below as IRI-C&T) and IID Inc. have joined forces as of 1 June 2010, and are hereby beginning with a fresh start.

27 April 2010

About the Merger
At a special meeting of the shareholders of IRI Commerce & Technology Inc. (abbreviated below as IRI-C&T) held on 27 April 2010, it was agreed that IRI-C&T would complete a merger with IID Inc. (HQ: Tokyo - President & CEO: Hiroshi Miyakawa) on 1 June 2010.